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The Upstate Upstart List

Below is our official 2024 Upstate Upstart List! This is a growing list and is updated weekly. If you think you should be on this list, please fill out this form!

6 AM City
Cultivated hyper-local news across 25+ markets
Activ Ed

Walkabouts software helps K-5 students to learn through movement

Agulus provides an enterprise-grade risk, contract, and position management software platform to the agricultural industry.
Aptus logo whitenotag

Aptus Bioreactors provides cardiovascular equipment and consulting services to develop and test living tissue replacements and other medical devices.

Aravis biotech
Aravis Biotech develops a medical device implant that will monitor the healing of hip surgery patients. The device provides information to the provider and the patient about when and how to begin weight-bearing activities.
Atlas organics

Atlas Organics recycles organic waste and keep it out of landfills, then turn it into a valuable soil amendment to promote sustainable agriculture and landscaping.

Autodeals offers software applications used by car dealers to build and manage sales, finance, accounting, inventory, collections, and service businesses with operational software.
Automate america

Online Professional Services Marketplace for Automation and Manufacturing Contracts

Data privacy technology designed to transform the world into a much safer place in which to communicate and connect
Bandwagon fan clu
Experience technology company that delivers solutions to elevate the experience of fans and event attendees.
Base HQ

Talent Intelligence Marketplace for Assistants & other operational roles

Blue eye soft
Provides custom software and data solutions, using AI. Building AI Models that predict satellite anomalies due to space weather events.
Bottle titan
Created a real-time alert system that tracks conditions such as temperature, vibration, humidity, and light, specifically calibrated for the commercial wine, liquor, beer, tobacco, and food industries.

Bricolage Dynamics was developed to connect the dots, providing a household waste collection service turning the glass otherwise bound for landfill, into high-quality, sustainable sand for reuse in the local construction, landscaping, and business industries.

Members get daily text messages with evidence-based lessons that unlock the science of holistic wellness. They also get personalized support in our weekly virtual #PhyteWellWednesday workshops.
Carbon Cents
Operations insights and solutions focusing on emissions, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and municipalities.