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The Upstate Upstart List

Below is our official 2024 Upstate Upstart List! This is a growing list and is updated weekly. If you think you should be on this list, please fill out this form!

Cardinal is a no-code, human-friendly database platform that is an easily customizable and adaptable solution for almost anything one would need. Teams can setup a database in minutes and be off to the races.
Katana Safety

Katana Safety is a developer of a personal safety devices and applications created to stop sexual and aggravated assaults

Sync MD
Sync.MD® is a developer of a patented, MultiDimensional technology which allows users to become the true custodian of their health records through a patient-centric digital platform that places the power of information exchange at their fingertips.
Zenjuries is a suite of web and mobile applications along with an efficient service that allow you to manage and maintain your workers' comp needs with organization and ease.